We offer a variety of services to help push your book to the next level!

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We primarily focus on editing fictional work here at the Worlds of Complexity. Our editors do more than just make sure your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. They are here to ensure your writing is not only fluid and poignant, but that your work is carefully edited with no grammar or spelling errors, no punctuation issues, and all typos corrected. With over ten years of experience editing books and manuscripts within a variety of fields, our editors will improve the clarity and readability of your manuscript so that it is perfectly polished before it’s in print.

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Book formatting

A well-formatted and strategically designed book is critical to your success as an author. We stand behind our years of experience to help you create an interior page formatting for pdf, epub, mobi, and more that perfectly speaks to you and your audience.

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Proofreading is the first step that takes place before a document is given to the intended audience. Everyday, thousands of people are rejected and turned away from their ideas being given a chance to be heard. Here at The Worlds of Complexity, it is our mission to give you a proofreading service for your publication that will ensure your work is captivating, engaging, and free of errors.

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Book Consultation

We understand how complex and difficult writing a book can be. A lack of experience can be overwhelming so come to the experts for advice. We will provide a step-by-step process to help you in your journey to publishing your book. This will be an in-depth consultation on the experiences , failure, and lessons we learned along the way.

Let’s build something great together.