Brian is a story enthusiast who feels creativity is all about tapping into the child-like mind that’s never left us.

The Author

Brian Coggins Jr.

Brian Coggins Jr. is not only a science fiction and epic fantasy nerd but loves reinventing stories about Greek mythology and history. Writing has always been a pathway to another world for his inspiration for character development and intricate mystery plots which flourished from his time in film school in Orlando, Florida. He is trying to create an exclusive fulfilling reading experience that indulges your imagination and dives you into a complex, action-adventure universe full of diverse characters.

When Brian isn’t writing, he is spending time with his friends and family, traveling with his wife, or doing house chores that his wife tells him he never gets to.

Giancarlo is a free spirit who feels that your imagination is the key to happiness and success, loving the experiences and journey life sets in front of you.

Imagination is the future

Giancarlo Carrasco

Giancarlo is absolutely in love with anything that has to do with mythology, comic books, history and sports. His passion mostly exists in Greek and Egyptian mythology due to the rich cultures that were built within. This influenced Giancarlo’s imagination and creativity towards architecture and world building.

Marketing and business has always been a passion for Giancarlo and furthering that education is important to him.

His goal is to create a place where people can benefit creatively and supportively. Where you can grow and be inspired to strive for your own success and happiness.

In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, watching anime, goofing around, screaming at his video games, and being with the people he loves.