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A Writer’s Guide To Staying Motivated in 2023

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New year, new motivation to write! The beginning of the year is always full of excitement for your own progression and growth. However, we are all human and that can start to fade. Your mind may be bursting with new ideas now, but consistency is key. So, when you start to feel your writing juices drying up, try these tips and tricks to get your spark back! Here are the top 5 ways to overcome writer’s block.

  1. Eliminate Distractions AKA Your Phone

It’s no secret that writing takes an incredible amount of focus, especially when the content is as good as yours. One of the biggest distractions writers (and humans in general) face is the cell phone. It can be hard to tear yourself away from the endless scrolling and funny texts from friends, but sometimes that’s just what you need to get back into your writer mindset! Solving this problem can be as easy as silencing your phone and stashing it in a drawer until you’ve finished your writing session.

  1. Create Your PERFECT Writing Environment

Your physical location can greatly impact your motivation to write. Some writers have dedicated writing spaces while others feel more comfortable with a change of scenery to spark inspiration. Whatever your ideal space is, visualize it, then do what you can to make it a reality! When you create a space you LOVE, you’ll want to use it to create amazing content. 

  1. Make a Schedule

Just like going to the gym or doing laundry, writing has to become a part of your schedule. When you block out specific time dedicated to just writing, you will eventually fall into a routine that will produce awesome content! Even when you’re not motivated to write, having a schedule writing block will drive you to put that time to good use. 

  1. Finding Inspiration

Ever feel a lack of inspiration while writing? Well, you aren’t alone and it’s something every writer struggles with. Inspiration can truly come from anywhere. While there are consistent benefits to having your perfect writing environment, getting out of your space and writing somewhere new every now and then can spark lots of creativity. Collaborating with other writers, artists, or creatives is also a great way to find inspiration. The quest for new and exciting ideas is a great way to motivate yourself!

  1. Combating Writer’s Block

One challenge all writers will encounter in their journey is the dreaded writer’s block. This can and will take a major toll on your motivation! One of the most popular tricks to help combat writer’s block is the Pomodoro Technique. This technique consists of blocking out 25 minutes of your day (ahem, see tip #3) and eliminating all distractions. Motivation will strike and your productivity will spike!

We hope you find these top 5 ways to overcome writer’s block tips helpful and, well, motivating! As you have learned, there are a variety of ways to maintain your writing motivation for the whole year. Whether that includes changing your space, creating a schedule, or just getting off your phone, you have the power to make 2023 your most accomplished year of writing yet. Now it’s time for you to imagine, create, and explore!


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